Biomedical engineering in Nepal course[2021/2078]

Biomedical engineering in Nepal is the emerging branch of engineering. It is a bachelor-level degree where students get information merging health with technology to uplift the health sector. However, In Nepal, this course is only available at Purbanchal University. College of Biomedical Engineering and Applied Sciences is the only institute where this degree is enrolling.

Biomedical engineering in Nepal course

Biomedical engineering in Nepal course takes 4 years to complete. Likewise, other equivalent engineering degrees. There are total 8 semesters each completes within 6 months. Evaluation and assessment are also conducted during this time.

Future of this degree has proper recognition and has a better market.

Similarly, this curriculum prioritizes to deliver skilled man forces who can utilize their technique within Nepal as well as abroad. In order to level up the health sector. However, it also adds student desire towards an advanced degree related to this field.

Semester 1 [All courses]

In this semester students are taught about communication skills, Technique of writing jobs application, Engineering drawing skills and other subject which have basic science background

Semester 1 Course code
Engineering Mathematics I BEG101HS
Communicative English
Physics BEG103HS
Introduction to Computer and Programming BEG180 CO
Basic Electrical Engineering BEG129 EL
Engineering Drawing

Semester 2 [All courses]

Likewise, another half part of 1st year also revolves around mathematics and physics . Furthermore, database concept is also provided to student along with computer systems and digital logic.

Semester 2 Course code
Engineering Mathematics II BEG102 SH
Chemistry BEG 104 SH
Basic Mechanical Engineering BEG143 ME
Electro Engineering Materials BEG122 EL
Digital Logic BEG 139 EC
Computer System & Database Concept BEG170 CO

Semester 3 [All courses]

Most importantly, in this semester biology is introduced to the student. Eventually, they learn to merge bio with technology.

Semester 3 Course code
Engineering Mathematics III BEG201 SH
Bio-Engineering Materials and Components BEG 2B1 BM
Fluid Mechanics BEG 2C5 BM
Human Anatomy and Physiology I
Cell Biology and Immunology BEG 2B3 BM
Microprocessors BEG237 EC

Semester 4 [All courses]

Semester 4 Course code
Applied Maths BEG 204 HS
Electronic Devices and Circuits BEG 239 EC
Sociology BEG299 MS
Biomechanics BEG 2C1 BM
Human Anatomy and Physiology II BEG 2B4 BM
Research Methodology RM 2C8 BM

Semester 5 [All courses]

Students get ideas about the embedded system of both bio and medical courses. Different probability and statics tricks which they can later utilize while inventing biotechnology.

Semester 5 Course code
Communication Systems
Probability and Statistics
Numerical Methods BEG 389 CO
Measurement and Instrumentation
Control Systems
Biomedical Embedded System Design BEG 3C2 BM

Semester 6 [All courses]

Semester 6 Course code
Engineering Economics BEG 2C1 BM
Tissue Device Interactions BEG 3B2 BM
Medical Imaging I BEG 3B3 BM
Biomedical Instrumentation I BEG 3B4 BM
Biomedical Digital Signal Processing BEG 3B5 BM
Medical Electronics

Semester 7 [All courses]

At last year, the course includes a project where student must utilize their skill to generate theirs own project working in groups. Elective subject is also provided to the student where they can choose subject according to their interest

Semester 7 Course code
Biomedical Instrumentation II
Organization and Project Management
Medical Imaging II
Implantable Devices BEG 4B3 BM
Elective I

Semester 8 [All courses]

Semester 8 Course code
Medical Industry Management BEG 4B4 BM
Medical Informatics BEG 4C3 BM
Engineering Professional Practice BEG 4B5 BM
Elective II
Elective III


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