CEE Mock Test Model Paper Nepal [Download]

1. Among them which plant does not belong to the same group?
a) rice
b) wheat
c) millet
d) mustard

2. The term Ecosystem was given by
a) Reiter
b) Huxley
c) Tansley
d) Haeckel

3. Among them which is not climatic factor?
a) Temperature
b) Light
c) Soil
d) Humidity

4. The pyramid based on storage energy in ecosystem is
a) pyramid of mass
b) pyramid of energy
c) pyramid of energy
d) pyramid of biomass

5. Killing and eating of organisms is
a) parasitism
b) predation
c) commensalism
d) cannibalism

6. Loss of wildlife is directly concerned with
a) over population
b) increasing predators
c) habitat loss
d) increasing urbanization

7. Among them is which is not related with lysosome
a) Golgi bodies
b) vacuoles
c) endoplasmic reticulum
d) peroxisome

8. Meiosis brings
a) genetic variation in organisms
b) somatic variation in progenies
c) genetic stability
d) genetic isolation

9. Mitogens are
a) genes responsible for mitosis
b) unit of mutation
c) factors of mutation
d) factor which control mitosis

10. Tubulin protein is absent in
a) algae
b) fungi
c) cyanobacteria
d) bryophytes

11. RNA nucleotide should not contain
a) pentose sugar
b) thymine
c) guanine
d) uracil

12. Griffith experiment is concerned with
a) RNA
b) DNA
c) rRNA
d) ribosomes

13. Nucleoside does not contain
a) ribose sugar
b) deoxyribose sugar
c) phosphate group
d) nitrogen bases

14. Enzyme responsible for cutting specific segment of DNA is
a) DNA gyrase
b) topoisomerase
c) DNA ligase
d) endonuclease

15. Genotype and phenotype are similar in
a) codominance
b) incomplete linkage
c) incomplete dominance
d) test cross

16. A cross between offspring and recessive parent is
a) back cross
b) test cross
c) reciprocal cross
d) outcross

17. Which ratio is not related with Mendalism
a) 1:2:1
b) 3:1
c) 1:4:6:4:1
d) 9:3:3:1

18. Which character is Y- linked?
a) myopia
b) colourblindness
c) haemophilia
d) hypertrichosis

19. Bundle sheath is present in
a) monocot root
b) monocot stem
c) monocot leaf
d) dicot leaf

20. Guttation occur when
a) transpiration is absent
b) transpiration is reduced
c) root pressure is greater
d) shoot pressure is greater

21. First stable compound of Calvin-Benson cycle is
a) phosphoglyceraldehyde
b) phosphoglycerate
c) Ribulose biphosphate
d) Oxaloacetic acid

22. Cyclic photophosphorylation produces
a) oxygen
c) ATP only
d) water

23. On hydrolysis of ATP, ……………………. kcal energy is released.
a) 2.7
b) 4.7
c) 7.6
d) 9.2

24. The oxysome is related with
a) respiration
b) photosynthesis
c) transpiration
d) reproduction

25. Growth and development of organism is controlled by
a) enzymes
b) pigments
c) hormones
d) cytochrome

26. Endosperm of maize represents
a) sporophytic generation
b) gametophytic generation
c) gametangial generation
d) future sporophytic generation

27. Formation of pollen grains from microspore is
a) microsporogenesis
b) megasporogenesis
c) megagametogenesis
d) microgametogenesis

28. Newly synthetizing vaccine against COVID-19 based on
a) virus
b) bacteria
c) mRNA
d) DNA

29. Micropropagation is
a) mass production of plants
b) development of small plants
c) culture of plants through tissues culture
d) plant production through artificial methods

30. Plant breeding is basically concerned with
a) increasing productivity
b) making desired colour of flowers
c) development of new varieties
d) developing superior varieties

31. The percentage of hydrogen in water and hydrogen peroxide is 11.1 and 5.9% respectively. These figures illustrate
a) Law of multiple proportions
b) Law of conservation of mass
c) Law of reciprocal proportions
d) Law of combining volumes

32. A certain gaseous mixture contains methane and sulphur dioxide in ratio of 1:8 by mass. The ratio of the number of molecules is
a) 1 : 8
b) 1 : 2
c) 1 :1
d) 2 :1

33. For ideal gases, isotherm refers to the
a) gases at same temperatures
b) gases at same pressure
c) gases having same heat capacities
d) plot of P vs V at constant T

34. Which of the following unit cells has the least symmetry?
a) Tetragonal
b) Triclinic
c) Monoclinic
d) Cubic

35. In which of the following compound oxidation number of iron is not 3?




36. How much copper can be deposited by 2.5 Faraday of electricity?
a) 2 moles
b) 2.5 moles
c) 1.25 moles
d) 0.125 moles

37. The depolarizer used in dry cell batteries is
a) NH4Cl
b) Manganese dioxide
c) Potassium hydroxide
d) Sodium triphosphide

38. For a chemical reaction under a given set of experimental conditions, with increase in conc. of reactants, the rate of reaction generally:
a) decreases
b) remains unaltered
c) increases
d) first decreases and the increases

39. The dimensions of rate constant in a zero order reaction are:





40. The normality of 6% (W/V) solution of acetic acid is
a) 0.01 N
b) 0.1 N
c) 1 N
d) 0.5 N


a) 20
b) 60
c) 200
d) 600

42. What is not zero for elementary substances at their standard state?
a) S°
b) H°
c) G°
d) Both H° and S°

43. All naturally occurring processes proceed spontaneously in a direction which leads to
a) increase in enthalpy of system
b) decrease in entropy of system
c) decrease in free energy of system
d) increase in free energy of system

44. Which of the following statements is correct about the equilibrium constant?
a) Its value increases by increase in temperature
b) Its value decreases by decreases in temperature
c) Its value may increase or decrease with increase in temperature
d) Its value is constant at all temperature

45. In which of the following gaseous equilibria, the equilibrium will shift to the right if total pressure is increased.





46. Which one of the following is not amphiprotic? *
1 point





47. A 0.20 M solution of methanoic acid has degree of dissociation 0.032. Its dissociation constant is










49. The law of triads is applicable to
a) Lithium, beryllium, boron
b) Fluorine, chlorine, bromine
c) Chlorine, bromine, iodine
d) Sodium, potassium, rubidium

50. Which of the following increases on going from top to bottom in a group?
a) Metallic character
b) Electronegativity
c) Non – metallic character
d) Reducing behaviour

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