Scope of Biomedical Engineering in Nepal 2021/2078

Scope of Biomedical Engineering in Nepal has become the most popular topic. Biomedical Engineering combines health with technology to uplift the health sector. Learners who enjoy dealing with medical with new technical ideas can have a great future ahead.

However, Nepal has only one college named as College of Biomedical Engineering and Applied Sciences which has got affiliation with Purbanchal University.

Scope of Biomedical Engineering in Nepal

As Nepal is a developing country here different sectors that were unknown to many people becoming popular nowadays. The future market of this engineering is very secured. Although it does not have got proper recognition yet here in Nepal.

However, research had shown that in developed country this field had already taken a market. As a result, Biomedical Engineers are getting their position and they have a high demand to sell their skill in great amounts.

They get a high income in comparison to other courses related to the same degree.

Meanwhile, the Health sector is facing a lot of problems in Nepal. This is because of lack of proper equipment and technology.

However present equipment also does not function well. Since the idea of maintenance and repairing is absent due to lack of biomedical engineers.

  • Therefore, if the number of those engineers increases simultaneously idea increases. Furthermore, helps to uplift the health sector. So it provides numerous range of job opportunities to the workforce. The syllabus and courses which are being taught here have great recognition and respect in international trade.
  • Most importantly specialists of abroad are approaching learners who have done their courses in Nepal because of the knowledge, skill, research and idea they possess.
  • After graduation students need not worry about their future.Since they can get their job placement easily if they have proper skills.

Likewise, there are many vacant seats in hospitals, care homes, medical and nursing institutes, medical industries, and many more.

Therefore, they all have a brilliant position waiting for them after completion of their degree.

Jobs for Biomedical Engineers

There are lots of sectors where these engineers can work. However, some of them are mentioned here

  • Manufacturing Engineer

They can work as manufacturing engineers where they have to design and produce low-budget technology. Similarly, the health service of the country can be better with the use of that modern technology.

Likewise, they develop measuring equipment, laboratory equipment, X-ray machine, and so on.

  • Physician or Doctor

After receiving a degree in Biomedical Engineering one can continue their study to get a medical degree. After that, they can work as a physician or doctor.

  • Researcher¬†

They can examine different methods for maintaining and repairing health equipment. Similarly, they can also conduct medical experiments to approach better health services.

  • Developer of medical technology

In the same vein, one can work as a technology developer in the medical field which provides exact measurement providing support to health services.

  • Specialist or Advisor

After working as a biomedical engineer for a certain period of time they can work as a consultant. In order to provide proper instruction to the workforce in the field of biomedical.

Conclusion of Scope of Biomedical Engineering in Nepal

In conclusion, the Scope of Biomedical Engineering is rapidly rising day by day dealing with modern technology.

It has a great scope with the vacant positions where a huge number of workforce is required. Most importantly, this field is working to boost the health sector of the country.

In addition, it has a variety of job placements for students either within the country or abroad.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

How long does it take to complete Biomedical Engineering?

It takes 4 years to complete Biomedical engineering.

Where does College of biomedical engineering and applied sciences is located?

It is located in Handigaun, Kathmandu.

Are biomedical engineers in demand in Nepal?

Yes, there is great  Scope of Biomedical Engineering in Nepal. Therefore these engineers are in demand.

What are the most important skills needed to be a Biomedical Engineers?

The most important skills are

  • Communication
  • Analyzing
  • Technical
  • Mathematical
  • Biological

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