Cetaphil Face Moisturizer Ingredients In Daily Facial Moisturizer You Need to Know in 2022

Cetaphil Face Moisturizer Ingredients: Cetaphil is one of the trusted products for skin care. All Cetaphil face moisturizer ingredients are clinically proven by dermatologists and are best suited for all types of skin. Cetaphil is essential oil-free.

Cetaphil Daily Moisturizer SPF 15/PA++ : 

This is the best moisturizer for daily use. It favors drying as well as oily to sensitive skin. It protects against harmful UVA and UVB rays. It provides moisture to the skin and keeps it hydrated. Most importantly, it consists of SPF within it so it provides UVA and UVB protection.

Cetaphil Face Moisturizer Ingredients
Cetaphil Face Moisturizer Ingredients

Cetaphil Face Moisturizer Ingredients: Daily Moisturizer:

1. Antioxidant

It helps to fight collagen-damaging free radicals and is also anti-aging ingredients

2. Skin-identical ingredient

This is a substance that is found in the skin naturally. However, this ingredient imitates a substance that can be found naturally if not present. I

t has 2 groups NMFs (Natural Moisturizing Factor) and SC (Stratum Corneum – the outer layer of the skin) Lipids. Both groups are the most essential components to keeping skin hydrated.

3. Sunscreen

Its importance is well known to everyone. Sunscreen guards from harmful UV rays

4. Buffering

Helps in setting the PH of the cosmetic formula to the right value

5. Moisturizer/humectant

Contain Glycerin which hydrated your skin and makes your skin feel moisturized all the time.

6. Perfuming

Provide good odor or smell

7. Preservative

It plays role in keeping your cosmetic products safe and preserving it.

8. Solvent

It helps to dissolve other essential ingredients in the products

Cetaphil Moisturizer price in Nepal

Moisturizer price in Nepal varies according to the size of the product.It rages from Rs. 800 to 3000.

Cetaphil Face Moisturizer Ingredients and its Function:

Ingredients Functions
Aqua Solvent
Diisopropyl Adipate emollient, solvent
Glycerin skin-identical ingredient
Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane sunscreen
PEG-100 Stearate surfactant/​cleansing,emulsifying
Benzyl Alcohol preservative, viscosity controlling
Glyceryl Stearate Emollient, emulsifying
Octocrylene sunscreen
Cyclopentasiloxane emollient, solvent
Tocopheryl Acetate antioxidant
Phenoxyethanol preservative
Carbomer viscosity controlling
Disodium EDTA chelating


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How to Apply Cetaphil Moisturizer?

  1. At first, cleanse your face with any cleanser or face wash. You can also use Cetaphil Cleanser.
  2. Secondly, apply it to your face gently. Most importantly, do not use it in your eyes.
  3. Reapply it every 2 hours for better results.

Is Cetaphil moisturizer water-based?

Cetaphil moisturizer contains skin care products which contain water. Likewise, this moisturizer contains avocado oil which is best for the skin.




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