Fourth Semester (4th Sem) Electric Machines Notes[PDF]

1. Magnetic Circuits and Induction (4hours) 1.1 Magnetic Circuits 1.2 Ohm’s Law for Magnetic Circuits 1.3 Series and Parallel magnetic circuits 1.4 Core with air gap 1.5 B‐H relationship (Magnetization…

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IOE Entrance Exam syllabus Download For Preparation [PDF]

IOE has published the routine of entrance examinations.IOE Entrance Exam syllabus is also published by Tribhuvan University. Most importantly, questions will be asked from 4 subjects. Those subjects are Physics,…

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IOE Entrance Question Bank PDF [Download]

IOE Entrance Question Bank PDF is a necessary resource for the students who are getting ready to attend IOE Entrance Examination. IOE has prepared some model questions for the students…

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