Bsc Nursing in Nepal :Total Seats in TU,KU,PU [2021]

BSC nursing in Nepal is a bachelor-level program. It takes 4 years to take an academic qualification.BSc Nursing is available in almost all universities in Nepal.

All universities provide a scholar scheme to their outstanding student. However, students can also apply for their courses in paying.

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BSc Nursing in Nepal Total Available Seats

There are altogether more than 1000 seats for nursing in Nepal. All seats are basically divided into 2 fields. Full payment and on the other hands scholarship are provided to those who fulfill the given criteria.

University Total Seat Available Schorship  Full Payment
Tribhuwan (TU) 324 33 201
Kathmandu (KU) 240
Pokhara(PU) 40
Purbanchal 330
BPKIHS 40 14(large scheme )

20(partial scheme)

Patan Academy 40

BSc Nursing in Nepal : Total Seat in Tribhuwan University

This university provide quality graduate nurses with the proper skills, knowledge and experienced working in the heath sector.This university offer 324 seats for nursing course. However, among them there are 33 seats for scholarship student.Likewise, 201 for full payment.

Selection for student

  • Student should have cleared their high school (+2)exam in Science stream.
  • Student should face entrance exam and should be in pass list to be selected
S.N University Location Total Seat Available Schorship  Full Payment
1. IOM, Maharajgunj Nursing Campus Maharajgunj 40 10 30
2. Nepalese Army Institute of Health Sciences,NAIHS Kathmandu 40
3. Universal College of Medical Science,UCMS Bhairawa 34 3 27
4. Pokhara Nursing Campus,PNC Pokhara 20 6 14
5. Chitwan Medical College,CMC chitwan 40 4 36
6. Gandaki Medical College Pokhara 34 3 31
7. Janaki Medical College Janakpur 20
8. National Medical College Birgunj 30 3 37
9. Manmohan Memorial Institute of Health Sciences

BSc Nursing in Nepal : Total Seat in Kathmandu University

Kathmandu University is located in Dhulikhel, Kavre.There are all together 240 seats for nursing which is being distributed between scholarship and Fee payment. Similarly, 8 college works under Kathmandu Unviersity.

Here,students get knowledge about health team members in the care of individual, family, group and community regarding preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative aspects of health.

S.N University Location Total Seat Available Scholarship  Full Payment
1. Kathmandu University of School of Medical  Sciences Dhulikhel 30 1 29
2. College of Nursing, Scheer Memorial Hospital kavre 30
3. Kathmandu Medical College Kathmandu 30 3 27
4. Nepal Medical College Kathmandu 30 3 27
5. Manipal Medical College of Medical Science Pokhara 30
6. Nobel Medical College Biratnagar 30
7. College of Medical Sciences Bharatpur 30
8. Lumbini medical college Palpa 30

Total Seat in Purbhanchal University

Medical Education Commission(MEC) declare scholarship for the eligible candidate.

Most importantly, there are 13 colleges who are affilated to Pokhara university. They all provide total 330 nursing seat to student.

S.N University Location Total Seat Available
1. Purbanchal University School of Health Sciences 40
2. National Academy for Medical Science (NAMS) Baneshwor 20
3. Hope International College Satdobato, Lalitpur 30
4. Om Health Campus Kathmandu 30
5. Shree Medical and Technical College Chitwan 30
6. Norvic Institute of Nursing Education 30
7. Hamro School of Nursing 30
8. Birat Medical College Biratnagar 20
9. Nagarik College of Health Science 20
10. NPI Narayani Samudiyak Hospital Bharatpur 20
11. Everest College of Nursing Baneshwor 20

Total Seat in Pokhara University

Pokhara University is situated in Pokhara.It eas established in 1996 and was declared as 5th university in Nepal.Likewise, Academic course is conducted in Semester basic.Similary, it last for 4 years.

Merit list of Medical Education Common Entrance Examination (MECEE) for both Nepali and foreign candidates.

Only one college is affilated to Pokhara University. It offer 40 Seat including both scholarship and full Payment

S.N University Location Total Seat Available
1. Nobel College Sinamangal 40

Total Seat in BPKIHS

BPKIHS means B.P. Koirala Insitute of Health Science was established in 1993 AD. Similary, this is the 1st institute to intake nursing student in Nepal as Generic Bachelor Nursing programme in 1996.They enrolled 20 students.Academic Year is conducted in Yearly basis.

S.N University Location Categories with heavily subsized tuition fee Partial Payment Full Payment Total
1. BPKIHS Sinamangal 14 20 6 40

Total Seat in Patan Academy

Patan academy is located in Lalitpur, Kathmandu. It is public and not profit institute. Most importantly, this institute focus on upgrading health sector of rural ares in Nepal. Likewise , student who graduate from here should serve and utllize their skill knowlegdre specially in rural ares.

It has started BSc course in 2073/74 year.

S.N University Location Scholarship Full Payment Total Seats
1. PAHS Kathmandu 30 10 40

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