Bsc nursing courses in Nepal 2021/22 [PU]

Bcs Nursing Curses in Nepal is 4years bachelor degree. It includes theoretical and practical skill enchantment classes to produce well-equipped manpower. They should acquire proper skills, and knowledge as well as should be experienced to serve as a nurse in health care or in hospitals.

Academic courses are conducted on yearly basis. Furthermore, courses consist of theory as well as practical classes.

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BSc nursing courses in Nepal

BSc nursing course in Nepal is one of the most desirable topics. During the teaching-learning process teachers provide basic and advance knowledge with proper practical skills.

They are trained to develop skills in research and management of the health status of the nation.

First-year course in Bsc Nursing

S.N Couse Code Subject
1 BSN 101 Anatomy/Physiology
2 BSN 102 Biochemistry
3 BSN 103 Microbiology/parasitology
4 BSN 104 Pathophysiology
5 BSN 105 Pharmacology
6 BSN 106 Nutrition
7 BSN 107 Foundation of Nursing Theory
8 BSN 108 Community Health Nursing I

Second-year course in Bsc Nursing

S.N Couse Code Subject
1 BSN 201 Nursing Concept & Theories 
2 BSN 202 Medical-Surgical Nursing-I
3 BSN 203 Medical-Surgical Nursing-II
4 BSN 204 Mental Health Nursing
5 BSN 205 Community Health Nursing II
6 BSN 206 Medical Sociology/Anthropology

Third-year course in Bsc Nursing

S.N Couse Code Subject
1 BSN 301 Child Health Nursing
2 BSN 302 Obstetrical NursingI(Midwifery)
3 BSN 303 Obstetrical NursingII
4 BSN 304 Obstetrical NursingIII
5 BSN 305 Community Health Nursing III
6 BSN 306 Basic Epidemiology

Fourth-year course in Bsc Nursing

S.N Couse Code Subject
1 BSN 401 Nursing Research and Biostatics
2 BSN 402 Educational Science
3 BSN 403 Leadership Management
4 BSN 404 Advance Surgical Nursing(Practice)


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