Menstrual Cup- Use, Advantages,Disadvantages, Methods, Process [2022]

Menstrual cup eliminate lots of problems girls used to face during their periods. Using sanitary pads despite of its discomfort is one of the major issues. So to make those days little comfortable this cups can be used in place of sanitary pads.

Menstrual cup

Menstrual cup is a funnel-shaped flexible hygienic product made up of rubber or silicon which is reusable. It should be gently inserted into the vagina to collect blood.

It is the most effective easy and hygienic method one can apply during their cycle. Most importantly, the Quantity of blood collected is 3 to 5 times more than other methods.

It can be used for 6 to 12 hours. However, it depends upon flow.


  • No disturbance in your daily routines.
  • Buying sanitary pads per moths is very expensive but this cup is a reusable product that saves unnecessary waste of money.
  • Using same cups each month does not add any wastage to the surrounding.
  • It solves problem of disposing and managing products after use. Because it is a reusable product.
  • It saves from bacterial infection. Similarly, lower the risk of uterus cancer.


  • The first attempt is very difficult. One can get scared inserting a cup into their vagina for the first time.
  • Getting the perfect size is very tough for women they have to try different sizes to know what exactly matches.
  • If you do not apply right method it may cause irritation and infections.

Methods of using Menstrual cup

You must have to sterilize the cup before using it for the first time. You can put it into boiling water for 3 to 5 minutes. But, make sure water doesn’t destroy it.

How to insert a cup into the vagina?

Inserting cup into the vagina takes few steps which are listed below:

  • First of all, clean your hands properly 
  • Apply water or water-based lubricants to the rim of the cup
  • Take a proper position such as 1 leg up to the toilet or squat down or sit on the toilet or simply stand up choose the best that suits you.
  • Fold your cup before inserting, push the rim of the cup to the base so that it gives a small diameter making insertion easier.
  • After inserting the cup into vagina makes sure rim is unfolded for this gently hold the base of cup and rotate it until you get a round or oval shape.
  • Correct insertion creates vacuums inside which do not cause any leakage. 

How to remove cup out of the vagina?

Removing out cup from vagina should be done carefully. You can apply the following steps for a successful outcome

  • Again, clean your hands at first.
  • Take the best position which you have chosen while inserting.
  • Hold the stem and use stomach muscles to push it down.
  • Slightly squeeze the base to release the vacuum pull it carefully.
  • Empty the cup into a toilet after successful removal.

How to clean cup after use?

Cleaning of a cup after use is very important to maintain hygiene. You must clean it before reusing it. This process includes basic steps which are listed below.

  • Wash the cup with water as you need to apply a clean cup while you are reinserting it.
  • When there is no access of water you can simply use toilet paper or sanitizing wipes.
  • After fully drying, place it in its back and keep it safely.

Process of choosing the best menstrual cup

The process of choosing the best Cup is very difficult. There are some of the factors you should keep in your mind before using it. Those factors are mentioned here

  • Age
  • The flow of fluid during your cycle
  • Cervix length
  • Strength of muscles of your pelvic floor
  • Cup capacity
  • Proper shaped cup with no damage
  • You can take consult to your gynecologist if further advice is needed

Young women who are less than 30 years and who have not given birth vaginally can apply it easily without any leakage. However, others can also use larger sizes cups according to their best suits.

In conclusion, these cups eradicate a lot of issues that are faced by women during their menstrual cycles. Applying cups in place of other products is best which helps to maintain good health and hygiene.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQ)

Is applying a menstrual cup is safe?

Yes, applying a cup is safe if you apply proper method of inserting and removing it.

Why should we have to boil a menstrual cup before using it for the first time?

Boiling of a cup should be done to sterilize it.

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