Best Hair Treatment Hospital in Kathmandu

Hair Treatment Hospital in Kathmandu: You will counter number of hospitals and clinic in Kathmandu, Nepal for hair treatment.However, choosing best and geninion is the most difficult one.Hair treatment is expensive treatment so you need to choose the hospital which will be frruifil to you.

You need proper consultation of doctor when you face problem regarding hair loss. Although you all know presentation is better than cure you can visit before getting the things wrong.

People are facing alot of issue regarding hair care services. As all are not aware about the best skin hospitals in Kathmandu where they can get proper cure of there problem.

Hair Transplant in Kathmandu
hair treatment hospital in Kathmandu

Hair Treatment Hospital in Kathmandu

  1. Kathmandu Clinic of Cosmetic Surgery
  2. Aavaran Skin and Hair Clinic
  3. Nepal Skin Hospital Pvt Ltd
  4. Folliderm Hair Transplant, Lasers and Skin Clinic
  5. Cutis Care Pvt. Ltd.
  6. Smartcare skin Clinic
  7. Hair transplant in Nepal
  8. Swasti Laser & Skin Care
  9. Nepal Korea Skin Care Hospital
  10. K33 Hair Hotel 
  11. Let Me in
  12. LaserCure- Hair & Cosmetic Skin Clinic
  13. Nepal Skin Care Centre
  14. Ananta Skin Care Center
  15. Greencity Hair Clinic
  16. Arogin Health Care & Research Centre Pvt Ltd
  17. Alka Cosmetic Dermatology by Dr Rajan Tajhya

Hair Restoration

Hair restoration is the surgery that helps to restore and regain hair in those parts of the scalp which has lost or have thin hair. The hair restoration process include hair transplantation  but flap surgery, tissue expansion of the scalp and scalp reduction surgery, are also methods used for hair replacement

Types of Hair Restoration

Hair Restoration involves two types of process where work is done in follicular unit.

  1. Follicular unit transplant method

In this process a strip of skin with hair follicles is removed from the back of the scalp. The hair follicles are then removed from the strip of skin and placed into the recipient site.

2. Follicular unit extraction method

In this process individual hair follicles are removed from the back of the scalp without removing a strip of skin. Similar to the other method, the hair follicles are then inserted into the recipient site.

Treatment done in Hair Hospital in Kathmandu

  • Hair Transplant Surgery
  • Hair Transplant
  • Beard Transplant
  • Eye Brows Transplant
  • Anti-Hair Loss Treatment

Contact Details and Location of Best Hair Treatment Hospitals in Kathmandu

Skin Hospital Contact Details Location
Nepal Skin Hospital Pvt Ltd 01-5905344 Bijuli Bazaar
Korean skin hospital ” Let Me in”Folliderm – Hair Transplant, Lasers and Skin Clinic 985-1110443 Subarna Shamsher Marg
Nepal Korea Skin Care Hospital 01-4621996 Tinkuney,Near baneshwor chowk
DI Skin Health And Referral Center(DISHARC) 01-4721500 Maharajgunj road
Kathmandu Clinic Of Cosmetic Surgery 01-5707056 Tanka Prasad Ghumti Sadak
Nepal Skin Care Centre 01-4489035 Sinamangal
Korean skin Care And Beauty Clinic Pvt. Ltd. 01-4011568 Kamalpokhari
Korean skin hospital ” Let Me in” 01-4780110 New Baneshwor


Services Provided by Hair Treatment Hospital

Hair Transplant Surgery

These Hospitals provide different hair transplant surgery as well as beard and eyebrows transplant surgery.This surgery helps to increase the volume of you hair.

Cosmetic Surgeries

They provide Asian eyelid surgery, Eye Bag surgery, scar revision surgery, Tattoo removal surgery, etc. All surgeries are performed under local anesthesia.

Laser Tattoo Removal

As we all know Nowadays getting tattoos is trending. Likewise, people are up to trends and get tattoos done. However, later on, they regret it and want to get rid of that tattoo. Only the solution is Laser Tattoo Removal.Doctors in the hospital make sure that they will remove these tattoos and that their jobs are done safely.

Laser Hair Removal

This treatment is done unto the 8th session if needed. After the treatment its result last permanent. After each session, you can find its result instantly. Before doing this treatment hormonal test is done to ensure that the procedure has no risky result.

What is the hair transplant cost in Dhulikhel hospital?

Answer: Hair transplant costs Rs 60 for each strand in Dhulikhel hospital.

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