Terhathum Power Company IPO For Local People [2021/2078]

Terhathum Hydropower Company Limited is a hydropower company in Nepal.  This company is issuing an IPO of 12,00,000 units from 20 July 2021 to 03 August 2021.

Terhathum Power Company Limited IPO (For Local People)

This company is opening an Initial Public Offering (IPO) for the locals from 5 Shrawan 2078 to 19 Shrawan 2078 of the Nepalese calendar.

The issue manager of this company’s IPO is NIBL ​​Ace Capital Limited.

S.N Terhathum Hydropower Co. Ltd. Details
1 Company Sector Hydropower
2 Issue Manager NIBL Ace Capital Ltd
3 Open IPO Date 5 Shrawan 2078
4 Close IPO Date 19 Shrawan 2078
6 No of Units 4,00,000 (4 Lakhs)
7 Suitable to Apply 10 Units
10 Price per Unit Rs 100
11 Suitable to Apply (Kitta) 10 Units
12 Rating by ICRANP-IR Grade 4+ (Below Average)
13 Maximum units (Kitta) 1000 units

First Phase for Locals and employees

In the First phase, local people of the project situated district and the company’s employees are getting to apply for this IPO.

These units are divided between local people and employees. The local people gets 4,00,000 (4 lakh) units out of the total 12,00,000 (12 lakh) units.

Those people living in the district temporarily but have citizenship certificates issuing of origin (citizenship) from the Terhathum district can apply for IPO from 5 Shrawan 2078 or 20 July 2021.

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