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Samling Power Company IPO Result Date

Samling Power Company is going to publish result of its IPO on 2 November/ 16th of kartik.

Samling Power Company has issued  an IPO for both local people and general people. Firstly, It was openi to local residence of Nuwakot from 2078 Shrawan 32 to Bhadra 14.

Secondly, It will be opening to all other general people. Those people who have opened their Demat and MeroShare accounts can apply for this IP0.

As IPO was opened in two phases, local people should apply in 1st phase. Similarly, in the 2nd phase, all other people who meet the criteria for applying for IPO can apply for it.

Samling Power Company General Public IPO Result Date

IPO of Samling Power Company will be  conducted and successfully closed on the 8 Kartik of 2078. Now the issue manager of this IPO is concluding to open results through the lottery system.

Due to the extreme subscription from the investors, it is opening IPO allotment results on the basis of a lottery system like other IPOs in Nepal.

Check Result of Samling Power Company

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IPO Company Name Check IPO Results
Samling Power Company IPO Result check here
Samling Power company IPO Result Click here

Samling Power Company ipo result date

Nepal SBI Merchant Banking Limited has announced that it is going to publish of IPO result on 16 the of kartik.

Result date is announced after the issued ipo will be applied by the general people. You can find updated date and time when official news will be published

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Samling Power Company IPO (For General Public )

After, 1st phase IPO is opened for general people @ Rs 100. It is issuing an IPO of a total number of units equals 7,30,000 units for general people.

Nepal SBI Merchant Banking Limited has been appointed as an Issue manager for the IPO of this company IPO. The maximum number of units one can apply is 1000 units. However, a suitable unit to apply is 10

S.N Company IPO details Details
1 Company Sector Hydropower
2 Issue Manager Nepal SBI Merchant Banking Limited
3 Open IPO Date 04 Kartik 2078
4 Close IPO Date 08 Kartik 2078
5 Late Close IPO Date 18 Kartik 2078
6 Total No of Units 12,30,000 units
7 Suitable to Apply (Locals) 10 Units
8 For general public 7,30,000 units
9 Locals 5,00,000
10 Price per Unit Rs 100
11 Suitable to Apply (General Public) 10 Units
12 Rating by ICRANP BB-
13 Maximum units apply (Kitta) 1000 units

How to apply IPO in general?

You can apply for this after it will be opened in the 2nd phase. Likewise for 1st phase, you can also apply by any method either online or offline.

If it is possible for you to apply for IPO by visiting the bank u can apply online. On the other hand, if not possible you can choose an offline method.

You can either apply through eSewa or Mero share app. Steps of applying by eSewa are similar as mentioned above to local.

However, if you are willing to apply through MeroShare here are the steps

Steps for Applying IPO through MeroShare

  1. Click My ASBA and goto “Apply for the issue”
  2. Select “Samling Power Company” then click to “Apply”
  3. Click proceed and fill in all your details carefully
  4. Now you must accept the “Terms and Condition”
  5.  At last, press “Apply”

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How many share company is selling in 1st phase?

It is selling   5,00,000 units shares in the 1st phase.

What is the Samling Power Company IPO result date?

Samling Power Company IPO’s will be announced on kartik 16.

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