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Nyadi hydropower Limited IPO for General Public 2078/2021

Nyadi Hydropower Limited IPO for the General public is issuing an IPO for general people. It is planning to open from 1 October. However, its closing date is Ashwin 15.

After IPO is issued for local people in the 2nd phase, all other people who meet the criteria for applying for IPO can apply for it. The company is issuing 2200050 units of shares @100.

The issue manager for this company is Global IME Capital Limited. Likewise, its current paid-up capital will be Rs 1,095,000,000.

Nyadi Hydropower IPO (For General Public )

This company belongs to the hydropower sector. The opening date for this IPO is 1st of October. Likewise, the closing date is October 5. However, it is believed that the closing date will extend up to October 17.

The total number of Units issuing by this company is 22,50,000 units. Out of total shares unit, 45,000 units is separated to its employee. Similarly, 1,125000 units are provided to mutual funds. At last, the remaining  20,92,500 units are issued for general people.

S.N Nyadi Hydropower HydroPower IPO Details
1 Company Sector Hydropower
2 Issue Manager Global IME Bank Limited
3 Open IPO Date October 1
4 Close IPO Date October 5
5 Late Close IPO Date October 17
6 Total No of Units 22,50,000 units
7 Suitable to Apply (Locals) 100 Units
8 For general public 20,92,500 units
10 Price per Unit Rs 100
11 Suitable to Apply (General Public) 10 Units
12 Rating by ICRANP BBB-
13 Minimum units apply(Kitta) 10 units
14 Maximum units apply (Kitta) 1000 units

The minimum number of units one can apply for this IPO is 10 units. On the other hands, 1000 units are the maximum unit to apply.

Nyadi Hydropower Location

Nyadi Hydropower company is located in the Nuwakot, Lamjung. Most importantly, this is established with the help of educated and well-skilled teams including local, businessmen, and other experienced manpower.

As a result, a well-managed hydropower company is developed . Similarly, this project preferred to use the flow of Nyadi River.

IPO rating of Nyadi Hydropower Company

According to the CARE Rating Nepal Limited, the rating given to this IPO is CARNP BBB. Which implies there is a moderate risk in its financial functions.

How to apply Nyadi Hydropower IPO in general?

You can apply for this after it will be opened in the 2nd phase. You can also apply by any method either online or offline.

If it is possible for you to apply for IPO by visiting the bank u can apply online. On the other hand, if not possible you can choose an offline method.

You can either apply through eSewa or Mero share app. Steps of applying by eSewa are similar as mentioned above to local.

However, if you are willing to apply through MeroShare here are the steps

Steps for Applying IPO through MeroShare

  1. Click My ASBA and go to “Apply for the issue”
  2. Select “Nyadi Hydropower” then click to “Apply”
  3. Click proceed and fill in all your details carefully
  4. Now you must accept the “Terms and Conditions”
  5.  At last, press “Apply”

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Where is Nyadi Hydropower Hydropower located in Nepal?

It is located in Lamjung.

How many share company is selling in 1st phase for local people?

It is selling 15,00,000 unit shares in the 1st phase.

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