Best Small Online Business Ideas in Nepal 2021/2022

Online business is very popular across the world. Online business is also being popular in Nepal as people are having an interest in it. However, starting an online business is not only about the interest it is also about earning.

You are searching for a job. However, getting jobs in time is very tough. So you can go through your own small online business at the time for income.

Firstly, How to start a small online business in Nepal? is a major issue for beginners. Secondly, if you have started you should have the proper knowledge to implement it. Best small Online business ideas in Nepal are enlisted below:

Best small Online business ideas in Nepal

eCommerce store

Starting an eCommerce store is quite challenging at the beginning. However, if u apply proper marketing strategy and advertisement later you can achieve a goal.

Sell your art online

Selling art is one of the best online businesses which helps to uplift income status. As people are attracted to handmade art rather than photoshopped pictures. Sketching, Painting is the best option.

Teach online course

To every student online course is the last option they choose before their exams. If they do not get it from their teacher it’s easy for them to search online and start studying. It’s obvious you are not going to give your knowledge for free. Therefore you can start giving information through packages which include some amount. Eventually, start earniing.


Blogging is the journey of writing a post and publishing it on the internet. Eventually, turning it towards marketing and monetization. You can easily start blogging from home with less effort and in less time.

However, your post should be loyal to your readers.If not, you cannot gain trust eventually you cannot grow your business by blogging.


Turning your passion into a profession is interesting. If you have an idea about photography there must not be a second thought toward this business.

Nowadays, the university has offered a special course for those who are interested in this field.This field have great field in future.

Online fitness trainer

Everyone wants to be fit and to look fit. However, it is not their cup of tea so easily. Most of them do not idea about it. If being fit and healthy is your passion. You can easily extend your business by providing the same knowledge to others.

online fitness training is economically suitable if it’s your first business. You don’t have to own a big GYM and other training instruments for training people. It seems difficult at first to interact with all people online. So you should be capable to choose those people who are really interested in training and being fit.

Online cooking instruction

People want to taste new recipes every day. lf you think you have some magic in your hands and want to share your idea. Providing online cooking classes is best if you are thinking of starting your business. Especially, if you are housewife this business is best as you can earn in your free time and occupy your vacant time.

YouTube channel

Starting a Youtube channel is one of the businesses which does not require any investment for your initiation. You can easily create your video and upload video and start earning. It may be vlogging, cooking classes, dancing classes or can be of any field in which you are interested.


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